As we welcome the gentle warmth of spring, we are filled with excitement to share the beautiful world of Slow Loris, brought to life by our very own Jessica. You see, Jessica isn't just an artist, printmaker, and visionary – she's the heart and soul behind our team.

For over 25 years, Jessica has poured her passion into every design, infusing them with vibrant colors and heartfelt inspiration that perfectly capture the essence of the season. How did we get here? Great question! Her journey started as a curious teenager attending a screen printing class, and from those early days, Slow Loris began to bloom into the creative sanctuary it is today.

Through the years, Jessica's role has evolved, from managing orders to fully immersing herself in the creative process. With her daughter by her side and our Slow Loris team as her muse, Jessica finds inspiration in life's simple moments – from the blooming wildflower beds around her home to the joyous laughter shared with her family and beloved dogs on long walks.
slow loris ipad

Our spring collection is a testament to Jessica's creativity and passion. Each design tells a unique story, from the whimsical adventures of the Hiking Tortoise to the nostalgic ode to childhood favorites in Frog Loves Toad.

slow loris tortois


The inspiration behind each design is as diverse as the collection itself. Some, like Electric Jellyfish, burst with boldness and vibrancy, while others, like Nature Walk, are born from the treasures Jessica collects on her island walks – oyster shells, ferns, and flowers that spark her imagination.

slow loris jellyfish

As the collection comes to life, it finds its home both online and in stores at REI, inviting customers to embrace the spirit of spring with every wear. Jessica's favorites from the collection reflect her eclectic tastes and the diverse inspirations behind each design.

From the studio to the shelves, Jessica's passion for art and printmaking shines through in every thread, creating a collection that celebrates the beauty of spring and the joy found in life's simple pleasures.

molly hawkins