Slow Loris, Inc is committed to providing a safe workplace free of discrimination and following internationally accepted fair labor practices. We source our materials from companies who also adhere to these practices. We strive continually to improve upon this minimum standard wherever possible.

Child/Forced Labor Employers will not use forced labor or any form of compulsory labor. Employers will adhere to all applicable local, state, and international laws and standards regarding the employment of a minor. Employers will use any persons younger than age 18 for light duties only.

Environment Slow Loris will follow all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Slow Loris will seek and utilize materials and enact practices that minimize environmental harm. We do not and will not use fur or exotic leather in any of our goods. 

Nondiscrimination Employers will not discriminate in hiring or retaining employees based on sex, age, religion, disability, ethnic origin, political affiliation, nationality, sexual orientation, race, gender identity, or any other basis prohibited by law. 

Harassment/Abuse Employers will ensure a workplace free of physical and/or psychological abuse, including harassment, or the threat thereof. 

Freedom of Association Slow Loris recognizes the rights of workers to freely associate and bargain collectively, with no retaliation or threat of retaliation, real or implied.

Transparency From the bottom up, Slow Loris is a team. As with any good team, open communication between all members is not only encouraged and welcomed, but modeled by team leaders. 

Health and Safety Employers will provide workers with a healthy and safe work environment in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Employers will follow current CDC guidelines as regard mitigating the spread of infectious diseases.

Compensation Slow Loris will meet all legal requirements for wages and benefits, and will strive to meet or exceed industry standards.

Hours of Work Working hours in a regularly scheduled week will not exceed 60 hours, including overtime, and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Workers will be entitled to two days off for every seven-day workweek.

Vitamin D  As Vitamin D deficiency is endemic to the Pacific Northwest, Slow Loris recognizes the importance of the synthesis of Vitamin D3 within the skin as enabled by natural sunlight (UVB). On truly sunny days, expectations of production will be reevaluated and weighed against the benefits of nourishing our bodies and spirits by getting the heck outside.