Our ambassadors are fueled by an insatiable passion for adventure. Driven by an innate curiosity and a profound respect for the natural world, they are relentless in their pursuit of new horizons, eagerly embracing the unknown with open arms. They lead a lifestyle intricately woven with the rhythms of the wilderness, finding solace and inspiration in the beauty that surrounds them. With every step they take and every trail they blaze, our ambassadors proudly represent our brand, sporting our gear as a symbol of their unwavering love for nature and their spirit of exploration.


Trailblazer, Educator

Having grown up in a Southern
Californian suburb little access
to nature, I'm now an advocate
for Black and Indigenous
inclusion in the outdoors. My
mission is to inspire my
community to experience the
beauty and healing power of
nature, acknowledging the
historical connection between
these communities and the land.
I work to create a more
welcoming outdoor space
through hikes and adventures,
ensuring everyone feels safe
and represented.


Kayaker, Climber

Happiest on the water, I'm a
kayaker with a passion for
adventure. At home on Fidalgo
Island, you might find me with
my wife Sarah and dog Sucia,
hiking local trails, swimming in
the refreshing water, or
scrambling around Mt. Erie. I'm
also a local business owner,
running both Body Boat Blade
kayak school and Good Bagels
Cafe. Anacortes, WA is my
community, and I'm proud to be
a part of it.

Juliet + Matthew Kennedy

Small Business Owner,

Living by the Methow River in
North Cascades National Park,
we run Rural Valley Life and
teach in Methow Valley School
District. With our adventure dog,
Ansel, we explore trails, forage,
camp, and fish, finding
inspiration in the Pacific
Northwest's wild beauty.
Partnering with brands like Slow
Loris, we promote
environmentalism and inclusivity
outdoors, sharing our passion
with others.


Hiker, Potter


I live in a cedar house on a
small island in the San Juans,
accompanied by Sailor, my
adventurous 6-year-old golden
retriever. Washington-raised, I
cherish the blend of saltwater
and mountains in my backyard.
When not fishing for salmon with
my partner Jim, you can find me
bikepacking the islands, hiking
Mt. Baker, or getting creative in
my pottery studio.


Adventurer, Mountain Man


Although I'm born and raised in
the warn jungles of Brazil, I am
blessed to call the rainy Seattle
my second home. A vivid
explorer, always on the go. I
appreciate randomness, the
unplanned adventures are the
best ones. I like some calculated
risk and not everything needs to
be scheduled and planned.
Seeking new perspectives in life,
unfolding new possibilities and
exploring the unknown.