Our Team

Cliff, Jessica, Dana, Jodi, Arlo, Dre, Anya, Dave & Talya (not pictured: Clyde, Maijah, Carson)

At Slow Loris, we put ourselves into every tee.

T-shirts, huh? What do we do, exactly?

To put it simply: we make art, we put art on (comfy!) tees, and we put the tees in your hands.

To get all sappy with it: for us, every tee is an opportunity to share the rush of connection we feel when we recognize ourselves in someone else, the thrill of being seen for who we are, and the excitement of discovery when we learn something new.

When is a t-shirt not just a t-shirt? When it’s a conversation-starter.

Born in the basement of a former cannery and raised in an island shack, Slow Loris cut its teeth on a steady diet of local music, landmarks and nature.  

Since the days of selling t-shirts out of a cardboard box, Team Slow has grown from a one-woman operation into a small group of family and friends. We go Slow wherever we go, and we have a little bit of ink on every pair of pants we own.

What designs make it to press? The ones that excite us. That make us smile. That remind us of someone we love.

We See You.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned through the
years, it’s that we’re not alone. We’re grateful for all of you, and for
the stories and photos you share with us.

You show us all the places your Slow Loris tees
have traveled. You tell us about the people who stop you on the street
and ask about your favorite tee.

Slow Loris has been to birthday parties, family reunions, competitions, and graduations, and we love to see it.

Thank you for letting us be a little part of your good times. Let’s hear it for more of the same.

Jessica Lynch, creator and artist
Arlo Rumpff, dreamer and do-er