Crescent Moon Stained Glass Decal (Large)


Black and Light Yellow on clear vinyl create a stained glass effect when this decal is placed anywhere the light shines through.

These big 7" stickers also make a great addition to items like your snowboard, SUP, or canoe, as the clear edge disappears for a seamless look.

UV resistant and colorful, these stickers can handle whatever the weather throws at them. They stand up to the elements and still look great.

Check out our Waxing Crescent Moon art print here.

Artist's Note on this design:

When the New Moon passes, the next cycle is the Waxing Crescent, when less than half of the moon is illuminated and increasing. This signifies things are moving forward, and many believe it is the time to use your strength and power to focus on new growth and changes.

More info:

  • Easy Application (Air Channels Help Prevent Bubbles and Wrinkles)
  • Easy Removal with Heat
  • Grey Adhesive Prevents Colors Underneath Showing Through
  • Printed Locally on 3M Vinyl
  • 5+ Year Durability, Even Outdoors!
  • Great for Vehicles, Windows, and other non-porous surfaces.

Apply to non-porous surface that has been thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Size Guide