T Shirt of the Month Club


12 T shirts of your choosing (size and design) at $24 a tee!

Here in the Studio we often come up with new designs every month, so there are always new shirts in the web shop to choose from!

(*Please note this is for adult size shirts - online only sales).

Here's how it works:

Once you purchase this listing, you will be mailed a code good for one year and 12 shirts. (If you choose "Snail Mail Code" from the drop-down menu, we will mail you a physical card with your code so you have something to give as a gift.)

Spread the love throughout the year, or use your code 12 times in one order - it's your choice! Share the code with your friends, give the code as a gift, or just treat yourself now and then. 

Once the code has been used on 12 tees, that's it! The code will expire one year from the purchase date.

Shipping is added upon checkout when using your code. This way you or your gift recipient can mail each tee wherever chosen, in state, nationwide, or even overseas.

Here's the math:

12 t shirts at regular price of $32.00 each = $384.00

12 t shirts at the T Shirt Of The Month price of $24.00 = $288.00

(That's almost $100.00 of savings!)

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